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We almost did it.  For the first hour or so as the Virginia returns came in, we held our breath.  The few polls that had come out for Virginia after Super Tuesday showed us down by 25 and 30 points.  We finished within single digits of Senator McCain and had we had a few more days to reach voters the results may have been even closer than that.

The path before us is clear:  a primary in Wisconsin on Feb. 19 and then four primaries in Texas, Vermont, Rhode Island and Ohio on March 4.

Our challenge moving forward is to redouble our efforts on the ground and raise the money we need to compete.  Last evening I explained in my email why I am running for President and what issues I am fighting for.  I am also running to give you a voice in the process.  To lift up your voice with mine and to tell our Party and our government that we need to do better.  We need to think big and fight for our ideas.   

Your notes back to me are inspiring:

-"Please keep running & don't get discouraged! You have my vote for as long as you're in the race!"

-"Mike is NOT quitting this fight and neither are we!!   And Mike's leadership on the Human Life Amendment...the Marriage Amendment and the FairTax are all well worth fighting for ALL THE WAY TO THE CONVENTION!!  It's time to take the battle to Washington and Wisconsin !! Let's "leave it all on the field" and do everything we can to support Mike and win these states!!"

-"Governor Huckabee, I voted for you yesterday in Virginia . While it did not go our way, I stand by you more than ever in this race! I completely support your decision to remain in this race. Keep it up! God Bless! and Go Huckabee!!"

-"You said, this is a marathon, not a sprint.  I just have never run a marathon before!  So here goes, back to the wallet with another $25 donation so that you know that I'm still behind you 100%. I'm praying for a way for us to "max out" to $4600.  I need a day or two for laundry and dishes, but than it is back to the phones.   I want good government! I want you for our President!"

-"Mike - please don't give up!  You speak for so many of us. Don't let that voice go silent!"

Thank you to everyone for their words of support and encouragement. I am truly humbled by the faith you have placed in me and reinvigorated for the race ahead.  I have heard you clearly and we will not stop. We will keep fighting for our ideas and we will push our Party to do better. 

To continue I will need your help:  identifying new supporters, making get out the vote calls, raising money and much more.  Today I am headed to Wisconsin for two days of campaigning.  I will email you again very soon.

With deep gratitude,

Mike Huckabee


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